My Lectures

I give talks to folks in public service who have interactions with all types of people. This includes hospital staff, policemen, firemen and others who encounter folks with a disability related to the autism spectrum.

Through my art and speaking, I hope to give them an understanding about how folks like me perceive situations and why we sometimes appear to react in an unusual manner.

My hope is that through a better understanding, I can help make these interactions a pleasant experience for all.
Below is a recent talk I made to some hospital staff.



Community Involvement

Unless you live or interact regularly with someone who is in the autism spectrum, it is hard to understand their perception of the world. They may look like anyone else. Their disability is not something you can easily see.

Sights and sounds can be perceived differently than a "normal" person. Many people who have this condition are very sensitive to sound.

When a construction project began near where I live, I advocated for a sign to let folks know just how loud things were going to be each day. It didn't stop the project or cost a lot of money, but it made some lives a little more pleasant.